Lottery Bulk Application - General Information

The Lottery Community prefers grants for Toy Libraries to be submitted via the TLFNZ on behalf of libraries as a bulk application. This means that libraries are unable to apply on an individual basis to their local area but instead must submit via TLFNZ.

Applications are submitted to TLFNZ by mid November with the TLFNZ application compiled and submitted before the Lottery closing date in early December.

Libraries are asked to submit their financial accounts as part of the support documentation.

Lottery usually informs us of their decision by May the following year. Libraries need to be financial members before the funds can be released.

Accountability for successful grants is also required. Lottery spending is processed through Toy Express, so the required supporting documentation can be efficiently complied. Spending needs to be completed as soon as possible for the accountabilty documents to be returned by the end of November.  This allows for toys to be delivered before the Christmas shut down period and so accountability can be completed.

Please contact any of the friendly people below for more information.

Cheryl - National Co-ordinator

Helen - National Administrator

Pam - Toy Express