Update Committee member details

We have just received advice from the Department of Internal Affairs regarding the update committee details form. This must now be done  using your allocated  Toy Library log in ( top right corner of the home page) to lessen the risk of unauthorised access and use of toy library details for fraudulent activity and money laundering. 

Please contact us for your library Log in details and request a change of password if you think your library could be compromised in any way. 

  • Keeping these details up to date  important, as the TLFNZ needs to hold them for accountability purposes.
  • Fill out the committee up date when the profile form is completed AND when details change throughout the year.
  • This helps us identify new committee members who may like support in their new role. 
  • Contact with libraries will generally be made through the contact library email.
  • The LINK newsletter will be sent to all contacts held.  
  • Members may unsubscribe from this if they choose.

 If you have more than one role in your committee please fill out your contact details in both, so that you are included in all the email lists.

Remember to update the Charites contacts as well to prevent your library having its details fraudulently used.


If a field is empty we don't know if the position is unchanged, or empty.

If a position is empty please write EMPTY in the field. Thank you.